For over 36 years, Foley Excavating, Inc., located in Mars Pennsylvania, has been one of the local area leading excavators. There are currently over 55 employees, 70 pieces of heavy equipment ranging from skid steers to D-8 size dozers, mini excavators to 180,000 pound excavators with a 9 cubic yard bucket and articulating off road trucks. There is the equipment and manpower to successfully develop just about any site.

We not only specialize in bulk dirt excavations, we also install water lines, sewer lines, storm sewers, etc. To insure quality control on the job, we use the latest GPS technology. This includes the capability to do all layout work on site through our survey equipment, and GPS guided machine control, which gives the operator all cuts and/or fills in real time with the in-cab display. The GPS guided machine control also takes over blade control for grading roadways, pads, etc. to the tolerances +/- 1/10th of a foot.